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Partnerships and Experience

We partner with the largest and most respected tour companies for our tours.

This gives our guests the benefits and cost-savings from working with a large tour company, while still having the custom and personal touches of a 'local' host.

We always have professional drivers and guides to accompany our trips, giving you the utmost in worry-free travel.

Before I Book - Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to visit Ireland or Britain?

Like many travel destinations, the best time to visit Ireland or Britain is during the summer months when the weather is warmer and drier and there is more daylight. However, if you have a choice of dates, it is worth bearing in mind that the prices of our coach tours are lower in the spring and fall - also airfares cost less and there are fewer people on vacation so popular attractions are less crowded.

What is the weather like?

Ireland and Britain have an unpredictable climate with many people saying that all four seasons can be experienced in one day! The climate tends to be moderate - never blisteringly hot in summer and never bitterly cold in winter. Average summer temperatures range from 60 - 75°F, spring and fall temperatures are in the 50s°F and winter averages 30 - 40°F with no huge day/night differences. Temperatures in Ireland and Britain are given in centigrade so don't be surprised when you see low numbers!

How can I book my tour?

You can easily book a tour online with us here, by visiting our Book Now page....or, call us at any time, and we will walk you through it. 

We accept most major credit cards as well as debit cards. Your online transactions are secure and all payment details are entered on a secure page and transmitted over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). 

Please note that if you are paying by debit card you should contact your bank before booking to ensure that you are not exceeding your daily debit card limit.

Should I purchase Travel Insurance?

This is trip insurance, so it is a very individual decision. We have had guests need to cancel last-minute due to illness or accidents.  Those who have trip insurance do not lose their whole investment. 

Consider if you need to include medical coverage. Once you step outside the U.S. your health insurance may not cover any medical expenses if you fall ill while traveling abroad. (Be sure to check with your current insurer on what is and isn’t covered.) Look for a  travel insurance plan that covers trip cancellation, transportation delays, and luggage issues as well as a plan that covers medical care and medical evacuation outside the U.S. 

Can I combine a coach tour with a self-drive program or with a second coach tour?

Many of our coach tours are ideally suited for combining and we offer a discount on the second tour. If you want a self-drive vacation, consider taking a short coach tour first to familiarize yourself with Ireland and driving 'on the other side of the road'.

How many people are on a coach tour?

On average our tours have around 35 passengers but our coaches hold a maximum of 48 passengers.

Do coaches have restrooms?

Most of our coaches are equipped with emergency restrooms. However, for safety reasons they cannot be used when the coach is in motion. The coach makes frequent rest/bathroom stops, at 2-hour intervals or less, for the comfort of all passengers.

Do children travel on coach tours?

Children over the age of 8 years old are permitted to travel on coach tours - under 8 years are not allowed. Children of any age can travel on any self-drive, private-drive, or custom group tour.

Would a coach tour be suitable for a honeymoon trip?

After the stress of organizing a wedding, many newly-married couples choose our programs as they are happy to have their honeymoon planned for them and not have to worry about booking hotels, planning itineraries or finding places to eat. We choose 4 and 5 star properties, with your luxury and comfort in mind. You can choose to mingle with the group as much or as little as you choose. You will find many of our hotel properties offer lovely spa treatments.

Leaving the driving to someone else is one way to ensure a low-stress and enjoyable holiday!

Are the tours handicap accessible?

Our coaches are not handicap accessible so you must be able to get on and off the coach unaided by CIE staff and be able to rotate seats on the coach. If you need extra walking assistance, you may bring a light-weight fold-able wheelchair which can be stowed in the luggage compartment. You must advise us when booking a tour that you will be using a wheelchair or other medical equipment.

If you have a particular health or travel concern, just call, I'm happy to talk with you about any special needs you may have, and advise whether we can accomadate.

What will my hotel be like?

Healy Tours book either 4 star or deluxe 5 star, which include castle properties. Each tour will vary, but all of the hotel links will be listed in the itinerary. We travel with comfort and luxury in mind, our hotels will be the nicest hotel or property in the area.

If you choose a custom small group tour, we can accommodate any hotel style or budget of your choice, including B&Bs for smaller groups.

First class hotels (3 star) feature a dining room, lounge, bar and comfortable rooms.

Superior first class hotels (4 star) offer the same amenities with higher standards and many have leisure and spa facilities.

Deluxe hotels (5 star) offer luxurious features and are often in unique settings.

We choose hotels either in central locations or scenic regions, depending on location, and we name all hotels we use on each tour. Our website contains photos and detailed descriptions for all featured hotels.

What are the hotel bedding options?

European hotel rooms generally tend to be smaller than North American hotel rooms.

For your hotel room you can choose to have a Twin (2 separate single beds) or a Double (Queen/King)

Hotel bedding options - Twin or Double

Please note that bedding is subject to each hotel's discretion and availability.

If there are three people sharing a room then a triple room will usually have a double and one twin bed (total 2 beds). Please note there is no reduction in cost for a third person sharing a room with two others. For comfort, we suggest that three adults take two separate rooms. No more than three people can share a hotel room on our escorted tours.

Can you accommodate my special dietary requests? 

Hotels throughout Ireland and Britain offer a wide variety of foods. When making your reservation please notify us of your specific requests, especially for low-salt or celiac diets. We cannot guarantee all requests and it is a good idea to double check once you are in your tour hotels.

Are there any free days for activities?

All of our tours offer included sightseeing every day to maximize your time. If you want to take a day out to play golf, ride or simply relax and browse around, you may choose not to travel on a day tour when you are staying in the same hotel for two nights.

Do you provide transfers between airports and hotels?

Healy Tours will provide complimentary group transfers on first and last day of all tours, when you book your air arrangements together with a tour. We provide transfers solely on tour start or end dates.